What is Total Station? – For Gate in Civil Engineering

Total Station in Civil Engineering

WHAT IS TOTAL STATION? – A total station is a combination of an electronic theodolite and an electronic distance meter (EDM). 

This combination makes it possible to determine the coordinates of a reflector by aligning the instruments cross-hairs on the reflector and simultaneously measuring the vertical and horizontal angles  and slope distances.  A micro-processor in the instrument takes care of recording, readings and the necessary computations.  The data is easily transferred to a computer where it can be used to generate a map.  

Total station manufactured by M / s Wild Heerbrugg. 

Fundamental measurements: 

When aimed at an appropriate target, a  total station measures three parameters

  • The rotation of the instrument’s optical axis from the instrument north in a horizontal plane: i.e. Horizontal Angle
  • The inclination of the optical axis from the local ve  rtical i.e.  Vertical Angle.
  • The distance between instruments and target i.e. Slope Distance.

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