Important Static GK Topics: List of Static GK Topics for Competitive Exams

List of Important Static GK Topics for Competitive Exams

Important Static GK Topics

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Static GK Topics for Competitive Exam

Dear students, Here we have given the list of very important static GK topics to be covered for Bank exam, IBPS exam, CET exam, SSC exam, Railway exam and for  all competitive Exams. Interested Candidates who are preparing for the exams make use of it.  

What is Static ?

Static Gk connotes general knowledge about the static facts, the facts that are never going to change in the future and in Upcoming limit years (ex-Name of Ministers of Central Government and State Government that may be change after 5 years or more).  Facts in Static GK covers people, places, things, important days, currencies, dances etc.

Why is it important to Study Static GK?

Candidates preparing for any competitive exam like bank exam, SSC exam, insurance exam, government exam or the most prestigious UPSC exams must keep abreast with major topics of static GK.

Important Static GK Topics 

1. List Of States And Their Bird Sanctuaries

List Of States And Their Bird Sanctuaries

Name of the State ~ Name of the Bird Sanctuary
  • Andhra Pradesh 
  1. Atapaka Bird Sanctuary
  2. Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary
  3. Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary
  4. Sri Peninsula Narasimha Wildlife Sanctuary
  5. Uppalapadu Bird Sanctuary
  • Assam 
  1. Bordoibam Beelmukh Birds’ Sanctuary
  2. Deepor beel bird sanctuary
  3. Panidihing bird sanctuary
  • Bihar 
  1. Nagi Dam Bird Sanctuary
  2. Nakti Dam Bird Sanctuary
  • Delhi
  1. Najafgarh drain bird sanctuary
  • Goa 
  1. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary
  • Gujarat 
  1. Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary
  2. Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary
  3. Kutch Bustard Sanctuary
  4. Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary
  5. Porbandar Bird Sanctuary
  6. Thol Lake
  • Haryana 
  1. Bhindawas Wildlife Sanctuary
  2. Khaparwas Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Himachal Pradesh 
  1. Gamgul
  • Karnataka 
  1. Attiveri Bird Sanctuary
  2. Bankapura Peacock Sanctuary
  3. Bonal Bird Sanctuary
  4. Gudavi Bird Sanctuary
  5. Kaggaladu Bird Sanctuary
  6. Magadi Bird Sanctuary
  7. Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary
  8. Puttenahalli Lake (Yelahanka)
  9. Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary
  • Kerala 
  1. Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary
  2. Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary
  3. Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary
  4. Pathiramanal Kerala
  5. Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary
  6. Thattekad Bird Sanctuary
  • Maharashtra 
  1. Mayani Bird Sanctuary
  2. Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary
  • Mizoram 
  1. Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary
  1. Chilika Lake
  1. Harike bird sanctuary
  • Rajasthan 
  1. Keoladeo National Park
  2. Khichan Bird Sanctuary
  3. Tal Chhapar Sanctuary
  • Tamil Nadu 
  1. Chitrangudi Bird Sanctuary
  2. Kanjirankulam Bird Sanctuary
  3. Koonthankulam Bird Sanctuary
  4. Suchindram Theroor Birds Sanctuary
  5. Udayamarthandapuram Bird Sanctuary
  6. Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary
  7. Vellode Birds Sanctuary
  8. Vettangudi Bird Sanctuary
  • Uttar Pradesh 
  1. Bakhira Sanctuary
  2. Lakh Bahosi Sanctuary
  3. Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary
  4. Okhla Sanctuary
  5. Patna Bird Sanctuary
  6. Saman Sanctuary
  8. Samaspur Sanctuary
  9. Sandi Bird SanctuaryThasrana Bird Sanctuary
  • West Bengal 
  1. Chintamoni Kar Bird Sanctuary
  2. Raiganj Wildlife Sanctuary

2. List Of States And Their Dance Forms 

3. Transport Systems in India 
4. Sources of Nutrients and Deficiency diseases
5. List of Gardens in India 
6. List of Highest Himalaya mountain peaks in India 
7. Indian Navy Admirals 
8. Attorney Generals of India 
9. Classification of Indian soils
10. Types of Elections in India 
11. The Nationalist Movements In India 
12. Chief Election Commissioners Of India 
13. List of largest libraries in India 
14. The Largest Deserts in the World 
15. Ministers of State

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