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Computer Shortcut Keys : Computer awareness is an important section for many banking exams & government exams (SSC, UPSC, Defence exam, RRB Exams, Railway Exams, etc.). This section usually forms an integral part of the mains (or the second stage) of the recruitment process. Owing to the nature of the topic, computer awareness can be a very scoring section and can help boost overall scores. Here, we have provided some important Computer keyboard shortcuts to help you remember.

Computer Shortcut Keys

Here is the complete list on ‘’Computer Shortcut Keys’’ for your reference as follow as:

Shortcut KeysFunction
Ctrl+ ASelect the entire text at once
Ctrl+ BChange the text to Bold
Ctrl+ CCopy the text or image
Ctrl+ DBookmark the current page (for most Browsers)
Ctrl+ IChange the Text to Italics
Ctrl+ KInsert hyperlink for selected text
Ctrl+ NCreate a new or blank document or open a new tab in the Internet
Ctrl+ OOpen a file
Ctrl+ PPrint the document
Ctrl+ SSave the file or document
Ctrl+ U Underline the selected text
Ctrl+ VPaste
Ctrl+ XCut selected part of the text or image
Ctrl+ Y Redo last action
Ctrl+ ZUndo last action
Alt+ EAccess the Edit menu
Alt+ FAccess the File menu
Alt+ TabSwitch between open programs
Shift+ Del Remove the selected items
HomeMoves the beginning of the current line

Computer Function Keys

Here is the complete list on ‘’Computer Function Keys’’ for your reference.

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