Civil Engineering – What is Clearway in Airport Engineering?

Clearway in Airport engineering – Get Details information about clearway in civil engineering, clearway length, basic runway length, factor, etc.

Airport Engineering in Civil Engineering

What is Clearway in Airport Engineering?



Clearway: An area beyond the end of the runway, centrally located along the extended center of the runway and not less than 150 m in width is known as clearway.
Provided as a precautionary measure against engine failure.

Clearway length < 0.5 *(1.5 * Take off distance – 1.15 * lift off distance) 

The basic runway length is affected by the following factors: 

1) Aircraft characteristics: The most critical aircraft is identified and its take – off and landing weight is noted to  find the runway length.  

2) Maximum of the three conditions

  1. Normal take – off case 
  2. Normal landing case 
  3. Emergency stop case 

3) Elevation of Airport and Airport Reference Temperature.

4) The gradient of the Airport.

Normal takeoff case: 

✓ Runway length + Clearway – Take – off distance
✓ Take off distance ≥ 115% of Runway length.  ✓  Width of clear way must be > 150 m.

Normal landing case: 

The landing case requires that the aircraft should come to stop within 60% of the landing distance.  The runway of full-strength pavement is provided for the entire landing distance.

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