Water Content: Method Used For Finding Out water Content

Water Content is defined as the ratio of weight of water to the weight of solids. Weight of water includes the Gravity water, capillary water & Hygroscopic water.

Water Content

Methods used for finding water content

  • Oven drying method: It is Most accurate method and is a standard laboratory method.
  • Pycnometer method: More suitable for cohesionless soil as removal of entrapped air from cohesive soil is difficult .
  • Sand bath Method: It is a rapid method, hence not very accurate method.
  • Torsion balance Method: Drying and weighing are done simultaneously, hence one of the accurate methods method.
  • Calcium Carbide Method: Takes just 5-7 minutes and is used as a field test.
  • Alcohol Test: It is a quick field test and is not used for soils containing calcium or organic compound.
  • Radiation: Gives water content in an in – situ condition method.

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