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Biggest Kitchen Design Mistakes: Dreaming of a new kitchen? In order to make your dreams a reality, consider ten common mistakes to avoid in designing and remodeling your kitchen to save you time, money and aggravation.

Over-customizing and inflexibility

Unless you have money to spare, remain flexible regarding materials and design for your new kitchen. For example, you’re vacationing in southern Italy and the beautiful tiles you find in the craftsman’s shop are perfect for your new dream kitchen. You can’t live without them, even though he has to chip the marble off the mountain by hand and each one takes three weeks to make, because they have fossilized leaves imprinted in them.

If you need two hundred tiles, stop dreaming and do the arithmetic. Three weeks, each one, two hundred tiles. Forget it. Buy everything he has on the shelf and leave the store. Use the fifteen you bring home in your suitcase as accents imbedded in the floor here and there, or in the tiling around the sink and keep them a beautiful memory.

Likewise, the German track lighting with special light bulbs which cast a delicate hue of light. Those light bulbs are so special and unique that they are only available in Germany!

Avoid difficult and over specialized items so that repairs and replacements don’t turn into logistical nightmares. All appliances, plumbing, electricity, and carpentry should repairable with no more then a few local phone calls.

Changing the Plans

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