Hybrid Cars: Know All About Hybrid Car

Hybrid Cars: It’s probably not a news flash that gas doesn’t seem to be getting any cheaper. People all over are asking what they can do about the rise in price, and often the answer is to choose a different vehicle. That’s simple, right? But what kind of vehicle should you choose? Just maybe, you should try a hybrid car.

What is Hybrid Car? – All About Hybrid Cars

The hybrid cars are the talk of the town these days. They come in great colors, sleek styles, and they will make your commute less expensive. When you look at those characteristics of a hybrid car, how could you not choose to run to the car dealer right now and pick one up? Well, we all wish we could do just that, but before you run out, maybe you should learn a bit more about these cars.

A hybrid car is a vehicle that is run on electricity. A combination of a conventional propulsion system and a rechargeable energy storage system that is onboard the vehicle work together to give the vehicle better fuel economy than cars that run strictly on gasoline.

Hybrid cars are unlike battery electric vehicles because the batteries used in hybrid cars do not have to be charged by an external source. Instead, in order to get a charge, kinetic energy is generated by way of regenerative braking. Furthermore, some hybrid cars make use of their own combustion engine to create electricity. The combustion engine does this by spinning an electrical generator. The spinning does one of two things. It can either recharge the battery or in a more direct way, it can give power to an electric motor. This motor is what then drives the vehicle.

Therefore, because this fuel-economizing vehicle can generate its own electricity, it is very different from a vehicle that is run strictly on batteries. But, there is no waiting while your car charges up outside in the garage before you go to work. All you have to do is get into the car and ride.

It is true that some people have experimented with electrical vehicles in the past. However, the introduction of the hybrid car outdid these types of cars when it came on the scene.

Because the hybrid car is so innovative in the way it powers itself and the way it is able to save travelers money on fuel, it’s called the car of the future. At least that’s what some automakers believe, and many consumers agree with them. The next wave of the automotive market, Hybrid cars continue to be purchased by customers as the years go on.

So if you want a car that saves on gas and will make you the talk of town, perhaps you should invest in a hybrid car.

And you might find yourself tired of just pulling over at local gas stations to fuel up. If that’s the case, you have another reason to think about purchasing a hybrid car. So get on over to the car dealer. It could be the best decision of your future.

Types Of Hybrid Cars

There are several different types of hybrid cars, so people have a good amount of choices available to them when they make their way to the dealership. This may be good or bad for consumers. Some car buyers were already blown away by all of the colors and accessories available to them. Now, they have to deal with this fact: There are many different types of hybrid cars. In any case, a person should choose the hybrid car that is suitable to their needs.

The different types of hybrid cars are listed below:

The full hybrid

This hybrid car is awesome. If your hybrid car can propel forward when it’s already going at low speeds, you might own a full hybrid. But it must be able to do this while using no gasoline whatsoever.

The parallel hybrid car

This hybrid car has a fuel tank that gives gasoline to the engine. During this time, batteries give power to a motor that is electric. The two motors give off energy that works to propel the car forward.

The series hybrid car

In a series hybrid car, a generator is turned on by a fuel engine. And the generator does one of two things. It can either work as a battery charger for the motor or charge batteries. In turn, these batteries work to give energy to the electric motor that propels the transmission. This means that this type of hybrid car never needs to use the fuel engine to get power, at least not directly.

Today, all hybrid cars are parallel hybrid cars. There are some concept cars that might be called series hybrid cars, but a lot of times the car manufacturers do not want to call their cars series hybrid cars. So they don’t call them that, and the public is left to guess what new types of cars are coming out next. Finally, there is the plug-in hybrid car, and that’s the talk of every savvy automotive consumer. People were just starting to get that you never have to plug in a hybrid car in, but now these cars are being created supposedly with other motives than to just plain confuse people.

When thinking about what manufacturers make each type of hybrid car, the Lexus, Ford, and Toyota hybrids can be called fueled hybrids. However, the Honda and Saturn hybrid cars cannot be called full hybrids.

These different types of hybrid cars were made to give people more options and more ideas. And the options definitely don’t disappoint anyone.

The type of hybrid car chosen should align with a consumer’s driving and economic needs. For instance, some of the hybrid models may be more affordable than others. And some people may not require that their car have a lot of advanced features. However, it cant hurt to have those features available.

People often change their minds when it comes to cars. And where a hybrid car is concern, things aren’t any different. So, when a person is ready to change their mind about what type of hybrid car they’d like, the automotive industry is ready and waiting.

The History Of The Hybrid Car

Just where did a hybrid car get its start? Well, read on to find out. Hybrid cars are very popular for today’s car buyers, and there are many reasons why. But before you even think about choosing to buy a hybrid car, you might want to know a little bit about the history of a hybrid car first.

Surprisingly, hybrid cars were around even before gas-powered cars. Back in about the year 1665, a Jesuit priest by the name of Ferdinand Verbeist began plans for a certain type of vehicle. That vehicle would be very simple, nothing complex, or intricate. Simple was all he wanted. So Ferdinand planned out a car that would have four wheels and would run only on steam. It took about fifteen years of work for Ferdinand to go through with his plan. He labored to perfect his dream car. But no one knows if he ever finished because there is no evidence that his concept existed.

Then in 1769, a man by the name of Nicholas Cugnot developed a carriage that could be powered solely by steam. This carriage did in fact work, and it could go at six miles per hour. This project was great, but it was difficult to get the amount of steam needed that would allow the car to go any distance that was by any means significant.

A break thru in hybrid cars finally came when Robert Anderson developed an electric powered car in 1839. It was the first among its kind. The car was built in Scotland. This electric car was a highly applauded innovation of its time. However, the only problem was that it was very difficult to recharge the car’s battery. Some pioneers came behind Anderson, but they too had a hard time getting the battery to recharge easily.

Finally in the year 1898 Porsche came out with an electric and fuel combustion engine that was the first of its time. The car was called the Lohner Electric Chaise, and it could go up to 40 miles just using batteries.

Soon pioneers combined both a gas and a battery powered engine to power what would become today’s hybrid car. And in 1999, Honda made a leap into the US market. It came out with the Insight. This was a lightweight two-door hybrid. Since then, hybrid cars have just been evolving and improving into what you see on the markets today. Hybrid cars aren’t just for people who are complex and want to combine battery and fuel power to get them where they need to go. Hybrid cars started out simple, and they are still simple today.

Now hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular as people understand them more. Hybrid cars in the 21st century saw a boom in sales when the Toyota Prius came out on the market. It was the first hybrid with four doors that was marketed in America.

Then, the Ford’s Escape hybrid became the very first SUV hybrid ever made. So there, you have it, the history of the hybrid, today’s modern car.

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